I had a one-time amazing experience with Claudia in April 2017!

I was at a point in my life where I was experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, fear and I was feeling very overwhelmed. I felt like I was suffocating! This was the first time in my life that I felt so lost and vulnerable. I wanted and needed to talk thru my feeling with someone but I had no one that I felt comfortable and safe to share my feelings. I remembered that an acquaintance from the past had told me a story about an experience with Claudia but I could not recall the company name. I started googling and sure enough found Bloom Energy. I believe it was fate;I let the universe know I needed help and I found it. I was able to meet with Claudia the same week that I phoned her.

I had no idea what to expect from the session that April day. As soon as I walked into Bloom Energy and met Claudia I became very emotional. I felt like a wave of emotions just flowed-out. It's hard to explain but I felt this huge release, like all the feeling that I was carrying flooded-out. It was an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience for me. After the session, I felt very calm, at ease, like a huge weight had been lifted from my body. I no longer felt like I was suffocating! I had faith and I felt like everything was going to work-out somehow. Since that session, life for me is still stressful but I'm able to face each day with hope and faith that I will be ok. I plan on returning to Bloom Energy again, very soon. 

Claudia is a beautiful and gentle soul with boundless energy. I would recommend Bloom Energy to anyone that needs emotional, spiritual or physical healing. I'm forever grateful to Claudia for this experience.



Working with Claudia has been unlike any experience I have shared. It seems that right after I had my first visit with Claudia, my life "suddenly" began to turn for the better. I was becoming aware of my surroundings, of my experiences and of my purpose. Everything became clear. She provides and incredible amount of safety, and I am beyond thankful she has graced my presence. I can't wait to continue to learn from her and her knowledge and ability, it is truly a gift. Thank you for listening to the universe so that all those who encounter you can learn, too. 



I have known Claudia for 5 years now.  The woman I am today is not the person I was back then.  Claudia is a great listener.  For the first time in my life I felt heard.  That was the key for me to begin to trust.  She continues to be compassionate, supportive, gentle and skillfully adept at helping me to focus on what is important to me on my journey.  Her suggestions have given me the ability to create positive changes and a desire for success.  She was and still is committed to empowering me to make life long changes.  To change my perspective, to delete all the negativity from my life and to celebrate the good times.  Claudia is gifted with a beautiful soul- a soul that wants and needs to create peace, love and joy within the hearts of everyone she meets.

Thanks Claudia for everything- thanks for being there- pushing me- listening to me and helping me to work things out at my own pace on my own timeline- I appreciate it all.



I was blessed to be introduced to Claudia during a time in my life when I was deeply sad and fearful. She set the stage for a complete transformation of my life. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her, feeling as though I could tell her anything. It was hard to explain or understand what she was doing in her sessions but I always left feeling lighter and less burdened. Over time and with her help I begin to get in touch with my spirituality in a way that brought me immense peace and tranquility. As a Naturopathic Doctor I see people in various stages of suffering, I can help them with their physical conditions but I rely on Claudia to remove the energetic blockages that prevent the full expression of their wellness. She is a true healer, a true friend and a true inspiration.



Claudia is a true light in this world.

She has empowered me and given me the tools to stand in my own personal power and get in touch with who I am at my core.  She has guided me to uncover the light that was always inside me.  This has allowed me to see myself and have the world see the true me.

Through our sessions I have learned to breath in love and faith and breath out fear and self-doubt.  I have embraced simple lessons she has taught me about cherishing one’s body, mind and spirt which has enabled me to grow and become more confident.  Moreover, as Claudia guides me to connect with my spirituality, I have begun to tap into uncharted personal growth, potential and spiritual energy.  Claudia is a safe and loving ear that listens without judgement and gives without expectations.

Claudia has changed my life and I am so grateful to have her be a part of my journey.

Her passion and natural gift of seeing love, spreading light, harnessing energy and connecting to the soul of the world is breath taking.  She is a true gift.



The first time I met Claudia, I knew there was something different about her and the work she does.  It was a sense of belonging, the sense I was home.  Some people believe that once you meet your soul mate you know.  It’s someone you knew in another lifetime or many for that matter.  It’s someone that ‘gets you’.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that has experienced this with Claudia but I am grateful to have her in my world.  I think it’s time for another visit …

Thank you Claudia and may God bless you always.



I’m a survivor of four unrelated cancer, spanning over three quarters of my life. For many years I was engulfed by my fears, physical pain, emotional stress, motherhood and life as I new it.  Many of my practitioners repeatedly told me that I needed to manage my stress. I’d experience periods where I would feel well and I thought I was making progress but I seemed to always slip back into feeling like I was spinning out of control. Before coming to Claudia I started to experience an awaking of sorts.  My fears were less and less as the days went on. I became present and was experiencing my day to day life like I had never of done before. However, my physical body was still holding onto the chronic pain and because of that I’d slowly be pulled back to fear. Deep inside I knew something wasn’t alining. My girlfriend told me about Claudia about a year prior but as soon as she brought her up again in conversation I knew I had to call her. That was the start of a new beginning for me. Claudia has helped guide me to a place I could of only of dreamt of being in. My work with her has made permanent changes in me and for that I am forever grateful.  And so is my family.  She’s a beautiful gift! 



Claudia is a bright light on a cloudy day. Her energy and kindness trumps anything that is uneasy in your heart. I'm so grateful a friend referred her to me. Her passion for what she does and her calm, nurturing nature is exactly what my soul needed. I was broken when I found her and she helped guide my way back into the lightness that life truly offers. Even when things aren't falling apart and I just need a friendly ear and some positive energy, and a safe place to clear out any negativity that I've collected from people and experiences in my day/week etc, she is exactly what I need leaving open, clear and grounded. I'm grateful and honored that she is now part of this life's journey. She truly is a gift.  




My experiences working with Claudia have been inspiring, cleansing, and magical. I am incredibly thankful to have her help to access my potential. She creates a safe space to be vulnerable and honest. Claudia is undoubtedly connected to the source and in service of lighting the path for others. 






I was so blessed to have come across Claudia a little over a year ago. Before my first session I felt my life was at its breaking point and Claudia gave me the strength I never knew I had to deal with all the negativity that surrounds me and how to rise above. She has been a blessing to me and couldn't imagine where I would be without her.