About bio-energy healing:

Bio- Energy Healing is a non- invasive, safe and gentle healing modality which successfully treats mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances within the body by accessing and working with an individuals own Bio Field. This healing modality is safe for adults, children and animals. 

Bio-Energy Practitioners use a series of hand movements around the body to increase the flow of energy and bring blocked energy to the surface. Once these energy blocks have been identified, the practitioner will release them and restore the natural flow of energy within the body. Releasing energy blocks within the body stimulates and boosts the immune system to its optimal healing state and restores the body's natural healing abilities. 

This treatment is practiced while the client is standing. Once the practitioner recognizes that the energy blocks have been released and the natural flow of energy has been restored, the client is then asked to sit in a chair while the practitioner continues to ground and balance the client. If the client requires to remain seated throughout the session, it does not affect the results, the practitioner will make adjustments accordingly. 

The client is only required to relax, breath and be open to the healing. 




The first 45 minutes of the session consists of the Talk Therapy component. This allows the client time to express, release and let go of any emotional and physical pain, stresses and blocks. Claudia offers healing guidance and clarity during this time.

Next is the  Energy Therapy component of the session which lasts approximately 45 minutes.
Clients may feel some heat, coolness and a tingly sensation as Claudia works around their energy body. Some may even move and sway a little. It is a very relaxing and light experience.

Note: When working with children, sessions are 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on the situation, most children do not require as much time during the Talk Therapy component.



We do offer private group sessions and team building sessions. Prices vary on size of the group and time allotted.