Her Method

Claudia Chirico has had great success in helping others recognize their personal strengths while tapping into their own personal power and self- healing abilities. She encourages her clients to take full responsibility for their lives and supports them in making meaningful changes in all areas of their lives.

Over the years, Claudia has developed her own style of Energy Therapy by combining Talk Therapy with Energy Therapy. This has allowed her clients to overcome and heal from physical, mental and emotional pain/stress, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, low self–esteem, low drive/energy levels, lack of focus/disconnect, and a variety of other physical and emotional pain.




was introduced to Bio- Energy Healing in 2006 while experiencing a variety of physical and emotional health traumas. She received the healing, support and guidance she needed to restore her health and was awakened to discover her own natural healing abilities.

These experiences unveiled a new journey and Divine life purpose which led her on a path of service. Since becoming Certified as a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner in 2010, Claudia has helped others connect and heal in their body, mind and spirit.


"My passion is connecting with people and reflecting to them how powerful, capable and worthy they truly are. Give yourself permission and allow your love and light to shine."